The First Commercially Produced Food Grade Ammonia Refrigeration Oil

27 June 2011


 June 27, 2011
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BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA introduces the first commercially produced food grade ammonia refrigeration oil based on highly refined white hydrotreated mineral oil. The product has been under testing and development for more than a year. BVAdvanced also introduced a new food grade parasynthetic ammonia compressor lubricant to be used in lower temperature applications, with a typical pour point of -48C or below. While low pour point food grade white oils have been available for many years, these products have been based on highly refined oils with a high naphthenic content. The naphthenic white oils did not provide optimum performance as they had higher solubility with ammonia and lower viscosity indexes which when combined could reduce lubricity. The new BVAdvanced products use severely hydrotreated paraffinic white base stocks of a similar type to those that have become the standard in the industry for performance and competitive price over the past 30 years. Up until now, these products could not meet the cold temperature requirement of ammonia refrigeration applications. The result was that only products based on synthetic base fluids had been used. Operators of ammonia compressors in food plants, warehouses and distribution centers now have a more economical choice with higher performance.

This new technology combined with advancements in specialty additives also results in an entire series of new food grade lubricants and state of the art improvements in the company’s other lubricants for industrial machinery applications. The new lubricants are to include advanced products intended to provide energy savings and other cost saving benefits. These lubricants are marketed through our private label distribution system. Contact BVAdvanced Division for more information.

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