BVAdvanced division of BVA Inc. offers a wide range of refrigeration lubricant products.  These are in addition to the standard refrigeration products you will find at the BVA Inc. web site.  Note that BVA Inc. specializes in BVA brand refrigeration lubricants for all types of compressor applications ranging from residential and commercial refrigeration to automotive air conditioning, and also specialized packaging ranging for 250 ML to bulk shipments.

BVAdvanced continues to provide new solutions and advances to these standard refrigeration products.  We have developed products for Ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbon and other “natural refrigerants” that not only meet OEM requirements but improve on efficiency and range of operation.  Our technical experts were responsible for developing some of the most popular chemistries now used worldwide and have improved formulations, chemistry and newer technology.

BVAdvanced market the standard refrigeration lubricants in the Asia region, and also for private brand label and for our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) accounts.  BVAdvanced is also a specialist in custom formulations and specialized base fluids for OEMs for traditional systems using ammonia, CO2, HCFC and HFC, as well as for hydrocarbon refrigerants.  In some cases these lubricants go beyond expectations and provide patented extra performance and energy savings.  Specialized products are also available for emerging and Refrigeration_PVT_Examplecustom refrigerants.  BVAdvanced is often called upon for special and extreme requirements such as very low temperature, improved lubricity,  to unusual viscosity performance with the refrigerant.  The company is continuously developing new chemistries toward providing higher performance and improved equipment reliability.  Some of our staff have over 35 years’ experience with applying synthetic lubricants to refrigeration applications, including POEs which to some competitors are relatively new developments.

BVAdvanced also offers the engineering studies and specialized data required by OEMs and more sophisticated customers who require additional information for designing, building and operation refrigeration compressors and systems.

Some of the base stocks we commonly use are regular and complex Polyol Esters (POE), Alkyl Benzene (AB), regular and dicapped Polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) and Polyalphaolefins (PAO).  Other types are available.