Development of New Advanced Formula Gas Compressor Lubricants

19 June 2011


 June 19, 2011
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BVAdvanced division completes development of new advanced formula gas compressor lubricants able to prevent corrosion to steel and babbit in acid gas (H2S/CO2/water) applications. BVAdvanced Director Glenn Short said “These formulas add to the company’s already popular products which lead the industry in performance. The new formulas are available in a wide variety of base oil types including Polyalkylene Glycols (PAG), Polyalphaolefin (PAO) hand highly refined hydrotreated/hydrocracked mineral oils. Laboratory tests have been carried out at both high and low temperatures in simulated compressor environments with hydrogen sulfide concentrations to 30% and CO2 concentrations to 70%. Tests have been accelerated by adding 5 and 10% water. Two leading Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provided steel and bearing samples for the tests. Field compressor trials are currently underway. The new technology expands the opportunity for operation of oil flooded screws with higher levels of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. This is particularly important for continued extraction of crude oils in older fields where the compressors are used for gas recovery. This latest round of development extends research that has been underway since 2006 and has resulted in several new products. Of particular interest by some equipment manufactures is the development of the hydrocarbon (PAO and MO) formulas as previous formulas often had issues with water separation. The newer formulas have solved that issue and have been found to be much more effective on preventing corrosion than any product previously used. The hydrocarbon oils are far less soluble with carbon dioxide than the PAGs.” The new products are available for all types of compressors.

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