BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA, Inc. focus is on Private Customer Brand Label manufacturing and Engineering Services. Products are primarily synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants and fluids. Our direct customers in North America are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Equipment Packagers, and Lubricant Companies. Those interested in private label products should ask that the BVAdvanced Products Director respond to their inquiry when contacting BVA. Use the contact button above on this page.

Export sales may be offered using the BVAdvanced label, and to private label and OEM customers.

Synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants are designed to deliver value added performance such as longer operating life, operation at low and/or high temperatures, process compatibility, equipment protection, and improved lubrication. We offer:

• One of the largest specialty synthetic lubricant product lines in the industry
• Custom engineered lubricants and packaging solutions
• Our formulation engineers have over 40 years experience developing high performance synthetic lubricants and engineered fluids.

Please see our Products section for more information on our product line.

Our parent company BVA products are principally directed to the refrigeration, electrical and agricultural industries.