BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of Synthetic and Semi Synthetic industrial and specialty lubricants and fluids for Private Brand Label and Original Equipment Manufacturers in North America. While our focus is on providing specialty formulas for this primary market, we have expanded sales to other parts of the world which may also included products sold under the BVAdvanced label.

Our parent company, BVA Inc., was incorporated in the early 1980s. Customers may have known the company by previous name BV Associates, named for the founder Robert (Bob) Vincent. The Company has also been referred to as BVA Oils due to its earlier focus on refrigeration oil, agriculture and other specialty oils. As the company grew in expertise and expanded it found a need to specialize a separate division for synthetic lubricants. BVAdvanced Product Division was added to the BVA portfolio in 2005 after extensive development and testing of new advanced lubricant formulas to meet or exceed the demanding requirements of our OEM customers. The company added the expertise (more than 35 years) of industry leaders in formulating and lubrication engineering.

BVAdvanced is a unique synthetic lubricants company. As a division of BVA, Inc., we not only have the high-volume production capability of a large manufacturer, we have the technical resources of companies twice our age, and size. We also have the agility and flexibility usually associated with smaller companies, so we can effectively respond to specific customer needs.

We specialize in synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants and Fluids. BVAdvanced lubricants increase the service life of all types industrial equipment. We also manufacture specially formulated food-grade lubricants for equipment used in the food processing industry. BVAdvanced offers one of the most complete lines of synthetic lubricants on the market, each with its own distinct advantages, and all backed by BVA’s extensive resources.

Superior Value and Performance

BVAdvanced lubricants and fluids offer superior value compared to other synthetic products on the market. We use only  the highest quality synthetic-base stocks and advanced additive technology to produce proprietary formulations that are also superior in performance