Food Grade Lubricants

BVAdvanced lubricants and fluids for the food processing industry provide exceptional performance under temperature extremes.  Superior stability and lubrication and excellent separation from water under these conditions help to lower maintenance costs and extend drain intervals. They provide good resistance to the water and steam commonly present in food processing plants.  BVAdvanced lubricants provide maximum performance with minimum wear to machinery components.  Our development engineers have several decades of experience with lubrication, semisynthetic and synthetic fluids.Food-Grade_beaker-hand

BVAdvanced manufactures several standard, para-synthetic and full synthetic food grade lubricants to meet multiple requirements and applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industries.  Several of the products may be used in multiple applications.  Food processors and storage facilities often standardize on BVAdvanced “Food Grade” synthetic lubricants to reduce their lubricant inventory by 50% or more on inventory and warehousing costs, and additional cost savings through reduced maintenance and lower oil consumption and longer drain (longer lubricant life).   Many of our food grade lubricants outperform conventional products.

BVAdvanced also has developed many specialty lubricants for the food and beverage industry.  Our development engineers and chemists select and test the best materials to provide the highest level of performance to meet the unique requirements for the application.  This often requires a specific chemical compatibility, or the ability to provide lubrication at a very low or very high temperature. Engineers then work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to provide proven performance and meet OEM requirements.

All of our lubricants and fluids for food processing contain only ingredients approved by the US FDA Food-Grade_NSFNonFoodCom_HI_blu_ibm(Food and Drug Administration), and most are registered with NSF International.  This means that if accidentally consumed in quantities at or below that allowed for incidental food contact they are non toxic,    Lubricants and heat transfer fluids are not designed to be consumed or intentionally used as a food additive, there is a prescribed maximum amount that is allowed to be present in food of 10ppm (10 parts per million) for any approved food grade lubricant or fluid.

See our current NSF Listings Here and use the contact page if you need more information