Development of Novel New Technology for Polyol Ester (POE) Refrigeration Oils

28 November 2011


 November 28, 2011
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BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA has competed development of novel new technology for Polyol Ester (POE) refrigeration oils. New RPOE Plus Series products will be introduced for OEM fill applications in early 2012. The new technology was recently compared to the current leading products in side by side independent laboratory testing. The Plus series was found to result in far less acid being produced in HFC applications, even when 2000 ppm water was added to stability tests. The Plus series even outperformed POEs made with “branched acids” and including acid scavengers, which was previously considered the most resistant to acid formation as a result of hydrolytic stability. BVAdvanced Director Glenn Short commented “The new Plus technology resulted in essentially no acid formation in two week long standard ASHRAE stability tests with 2000 ppm water added, where even the most hydrolytic stable competitive product had a substantial increase. This new technology seems to be solving the biggest issue that has plagued the industry since POEs were first introduced.” RPOE Plus series products continue to provide other essential properties, such as superior miscibility and lubricity. It is expected that BVA Inc. will make this technology available to their traditional and after-market customers.

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