New Patented Compressor Products

17 March 2013


 March 17, 2013
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BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA plans to announce new patented compressor products with proven energy savings in Refrigeration, Process Gas, and Hydrocarbon Gas compressors this summer. BVA is a world leader in providing compressor lubricants to these markets and continues to improve on performance. During trials and testing one large OEM private label customer said “BVA has allowed us to consider flooded screw compressors for applications never before possible with the current lubricants available from any supplier, this will save our customers a lot of operating costs.” While energy savings was one goal, the patent also demonstrates the ability to provide greater working viscosity with these gases being compressed, allowing the selection of a lower ISO Viscosity Grade. This property also improves startup performance, and operation with a wider range of gas compositions. The novel invention does not rely on additives which may deplete over time. BVAdvanced Division President Glenn Short commented “this new development demonstrates our continued focus on energy savings and providing customers with products that raise the bar on performance. We also have new additive technology in development to further improve performance, particularly in heat transfer and stability, but we have several Original Equipment Manufactures that do not want to depend on additives for performance.” A preview of the performance of these products was included by Mr. Short in a technical presentation on compressor oils at the national STLE meeting in 2011, however due to disclosure concerns with the pending patent no detail on how the performance was achieved could be released at that time.

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