Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids for Severe Conditions

26 May 2017


 May 26, 2017
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Improvements in the availability of higher performance base fluids have led to the development of new biodegradable hydraulic fluids.  Our research staff was asked to develop a hydraulic fluid with long life that could also operated under extreme cold temperatures in the arctic.  This led to our BVAdvanced BIO ME series high mechanical efficiency, biodegradable synthetic ester lubricant / hydraulic fluid.   The series use high performance ashless additives and are manufactured with a high level of renewable materials. The result is longer life than vegetable oil or unsaturated esters based fluids.

BIO ME is intended for all mobile and stationary applications where environmental concerns result through possibility of leakage. Extreme high viscosity index combined with an extreme low pour point allows for a long life fluid for all climate use, including arctic and high mechanical efficiency.

Operators of heavy duty equipment commented that previously they had to warm up equipment for 30 to 45 minutes before being able to get responsive results from the hydraulic systems.  The BIO ME cut down warm up times to result in more productivity and a longer effective work day.

Previously less stable unsaturated esters were the only choice for a high viscosity index required for a higher mechanical efficiency.  The unique formulation of the BIO ME series results in viscosity index of 174 to 179 in for the 32 and 46 ISO Viscosity Grades with a saturated polyol ester.

BIO ME is also designed for excellent filterability in the ISO 13357 tests, both wet and dry and rapid air release.



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