An improved and Longer Life standard air Screw Compressor Lubricant

31 March 2015


 March 31, 2015
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BVAdvanced recently received updates of field trials for their SHAN-1 series rotary screw compressor lubricant.  The objective of the SHAN-1 series was to provide a synthetic hydrocarbon based fluid that lasted longer and produced less sludge and varnish when it did fail.  Field trial customers were encouraged to allow the lubricant to go past its normal recommended operating life.  BVAdvanced would provide compressor cleaner should it be needed at the end of the trial.

One example of the field trail is particularly of interest.  A regional OEM distributor came to one of the BVAdvanced representatives with the complaint that the one year life synthetic that had been using for years was not providing the life expected in newer model screw air compressors than had smaller oil reservoirs and were operating at higher temperatures.   The supplier was well known as a major source for Original Equipment Manufacture’s private label products and so the situation with these newer compressors was troubling.  The current lubricant was lasting no more than 3500 hours, often less, and when failure occurred heavy varnish like deposits and sludge was formed as the compressor lubricant viscosity increased in viscosity.  The BVAdvanced SHAN-1-46 (46 ISO Viscosity Grade) was suggested.  After a full year of continuous operation the SHAN-1 -46 was still providing reliable and clean operation in all compressors, so the compressors tests were  continued.  Current reports have reported even after 11,500 hours the SHAN-1-46 is still performing and no sludge or varnish has developed.

SHAN 1  Series are one of BVAdvanced many compressor lubricants offered for private label.  BVAdvanced offers high performance mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbons, Polyalkyleneglycol, diester and polyol ester air compressor lubricants, most are available in food grade versions.  The company also offers partial synthetic blends in our Parasyn™  Series


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