Refrigeration Lubricants

BVA OILS offers the most complete line of refrigeration lubricants for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. With the changes taking place in the market BVA Oils can supply the proper lubricants for any situation. BVA oils is the leader in lubricants for low temperature applications.  BVA Oils also offers Technical Support, service and in house training.

New Refrigeration Brochure 2010
Refrigeration Brochure
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Lubricant Type Refrigerant
BVA RPOE Series Polyol Esters HFC
BVA RPAG Series Polyalkylene Glycols HFC
BVA ALKYL Series Alkylbenzes CFC, HCFC & R_22 Blends
BVA MO Sereis Mineral Oils CFC & HCFC
Speciality Lubricants Variety Variety
BVA VAC 235 Mineral Oil N/A