ALKYL Series

At one time the alkylbenzene lubricants were considered to be specialty lubricants and were used only in low temperature applications where oil return with mineral was questionable.

BVA ALKYL Series are truly wax-free lubricants. It is an alkylated benzene based lubricant and do not contain paraffin chains which is one of the main components of mineral oil effecting your floc properties

BVA ALKYL Series has excellent miscibility with R-22. One of the main components of interim refrigerants is
R-22. This makes the BVA ALKYL Series miscible with some of the new interim refrigerants, such as, MP-39, MP-52, MP-66, HP-80 and HP-81. It also makes retrofitting easier and more cost effective.wax1a

BVA ALKYL Series also offers excellent thermal stability and chemical stability. Due do its compatibility with mineral oil it can be used in its place or added to mineral oil.