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Refrigeration, Auto A/C. Mosquito Control
And Agricultural Specialized Oil Products
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Small Enough To Be Responsive, Yet Large Enough To Guarantee On-Time Volume Shipment Of Specification Quality Lubricants
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Worldwide Exporting and Shipping
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Custom Laboratory Services
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Export and Shipping


BVA Inc is a specialty oil company that develops and markets oils and lubricants. BVA is small enough to be responsive to customer needs, yet large enough to guarantee on-time, volume shipment of specification quality bulk and packaged products.

BVA products are principally directed to the refrigeration, electrical and agricultural industries, and to all users of specialized lubricating oil products (BVAdvanced Division).

The products described in this web site are available, as indicated, in a wide variety of package sizes and also in bulk. In addition, BVA offers a quick response oil test service for a nominal fee. All products listed on this web site are available for export.

Our BVAdvanced Division specializes in industrial synthetic and high performance lubricants, food grade lubricants,  specialty compressor lubricants for the process and gas industries, hydrocarbon gas (including refrigeration), CO2 and specialty fluids. Specialists in custom formulations and engineering support.  Visit their website at

Notice: Under the CISA guidelines, BVA Inc. qualifies as an essential business, as we supply products for several critical infrastructure sectors including: food and agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, energy and gas, and the automotive industry.

BVA will continue operations while following the social distancing and safe hygiene guidelines as outlined by the state of Michigan and the federal government. We are also following the directives set forth in Oakland County’s Emergency Health Order 2020-5, regarding daily symptom screening and mandatory exclusion for any employee as necessary.