Larv 2



EPA # 70589-1

BVA has developed a petroleum based Larvicide to be used for mosquito control programs.

The formulation of this product allows the Larvicide to work quickly and effectively.

There are no special precautions and little training is required to instruct technicians on how to mix, handle and use the Larvicide.

BVA had several pan and small plot tests performed by Mulrennan Research Labs to determined how effective BVA 2 Larvicide is compared to Golden Bear 1111. At 24 hours post treatment BVA 2 showed a 99.8% kill rate.

BVA also has field tests performed in conjunction with Mulrennan Research Labs and Hillsborough Mosquito Control District. BVA 2 was applied aerially with a helicopter and was just as effective.

In all tests BVA 2 Larvicide Oil was shown to be as effective as Golden Bear 1111.

With BVA’s recommended 3-5 gallons per acre for dosage treatment, it offers mosquito larvicide control at a nominal cost.

BVA LARV 2 is available in 5, 55 and bulk tank trucks and rail cars.