BVA CASCADE 2000 is a specially formulated semi-synthetic designed for use with HFC refrigerants. Cascade 2000 is immiscible with R-134A but is designed to give excellent lubricity. With over 700 units in the field using various refrigerants and types of compressors, we have had no failures or logging problems due to lubrication with CASCADE 2000. It has been put in all types of compressors and equipment from small air conditioners and refrigerators to walk-in coolers and freezers, blast freezers, centrifugal and freeze dryer equipment. Cascade 2000 also makes an excellent alternative for medium temperature systems.
BVA RPOE-14 Series
BVA RPOE-14 series was one of the first types of POE's developed for use in refrigeration applications. RPOE-14-150, 220 and 320 were developed for use with R-22 to offer high miscibility and yet the viscosity is high enough that lubricity will not suffer. The RPOE-14 series is available in ISO 15 to 320 viscosities.
BVA TR Series
BVA TR series was developed to meet or exceede Trane Oil requirements. BVA TR300 was developed to meet or exceed Trane code 1 oil 15 specs. Special care is taken to ensure that the analine point exceeds 195° F. BVA TR 2200 was designed specifically for use in Trane centrifical compressors. BVA TR 2200 meets or exceedes Trane 22 oils specs.
BVA 717P is a specially designed lubricant for use in ammonia refrigeration systems. It is a highly stable fluid, specially formulated so that it does not react with ammonia. The technology used in this fluid is used by many OEM refrigeration system manufacturers as their factory & service fluids. BVA 717P specialized formulation, together with it's two stage hydrocracked base stocks, gives it excellent oxidation resistance, high viscosity, film strength at operating temperatures, fast separation from ammonia and excellent demiscibility. BVA 717P almost colorless appearance, low volatility and almost complete absence of aromatics and high flash point contribute to safer operation of plant refrigeration equipment. BVA717P ammonia refrigeration fluid is recommended for all compressor lubricants in ammonia refrigeration systems. It's non sludging and oxidation resistant properties make it the perfect choice for ammonia systems.