BVAdvanced now has 7 years experience with the improved food grade air compressor lubricants.

26 June 2013


 June 26, 2013
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The product developed over 7 years ago and approved through NSF in April 2009 uses a combination of PAO and superior quality esters as the base stock, along with BVA’s proprietary additives. BVA’s unique product includes some materials not public ally listed on the 21 CFR 178.3570 but approved by the FDA and others for the possibility indirect food contact. This year is another milestone as many customers have repeatedly changed the lubricant once a year (sometimes over a year with an approved lubricant analysis program). After many years they are still happy with the results. Since 2009, BVA has also made other new formulas available using other synthetics – in doing so we have offered our private label customers unique products for their customers. The technology also expanded into lower cost white oil base stocks, and partial synthetics such as our Parasyn™ and also more expensive but even longer life 100% ester based food grade lubricants and PAG/Ester food grade compressor lubricants. BVAdvanced Division of BVA Inc was the first company to develope and offer these longer life products – years ahead of the competition. The company continues to develop new formulas, many with energy saving benefits.

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