26 May 2013


 May 26, 2013
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BVAdvanced Products Division of BVA has finalized the development of XTRASOLV RS and XTRASOLV RS Plus after more than four years of testing and development. These products have dual uses. They are used at 3 to 5% added to current compressor oils during the week before the oil is to be changed to clean and condition the compressor. The idea is to have a fresh system before adding the new lubricant. This is particularly a good idea to extend the life of the new oil fill. The Plus version goes beyond cleaning as it neutralizes oxidation byproducts left behind by the old lubricant. Used at 5 to 10% the Xtrasolv (and plus version) will remove hard varnish and deposits, without harming system materials. BVAdvanced Division president Glenn Short said “There are other products already in the marketplace with similar claims but our new product has been tested side by side with these products and was found to be more than twice as effective in cleaning off hard varnish than the best of those products and in some cases more than ten times as effective than some of the other products. And, the Xtrasolv RS has no harmful, toxic environmentally unfriendly aromatic ethoxylates in the formula, or hazardous solvents, as the previous leading brands have. The Xtrasolv RS Plus takes the science to an entirely new level and neutralizes materials that are known to destroy or shorten the life of the next oil fill. These new products use the most current state of the art chemistry. If you are going to buy an expensive compressor lubricant, you will want to get the most operating life out of it that you can and this product helps you do that.” Xtrasolv and Xtrasolv Plus will be available in June of 2013 and are expected to find use in other equipment cleaning and conditioning applications such as hydraulic and gear systems as well.

UPDATE February 2014: Customers in the Asian market have the tendency to use more locally avaiable lower cost mineral oil based compressor oils. Often these oils claim longer life in screw compressors than is actually obtained. This results in build up of varnish and deposits. XTRASOLV RS is now being used to repair these problems in a more economical way that full tear down. Ask BVAdvanced for our closest distributor office in Asia.

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